How Much Is NOT Having Custom Built Software Solutions Costing You?

Every business is in some way, shape or form a little bit different, and yours is no different. You may be struggling with bottlenecks and pain points throughout your operations due to mismatched data, delayed information, inaccurate reporting and inefficiency.

Custom software solutions can drastically improve most of these challenges faced in businesses today by leveraging the power of technology.

Unfortunately, many people end up being sucked into using "out of the box" software options in an attempt to achieve this outcome because they believe its the cheapest and fastest way to get it done.

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Some Popular Frameworks & Platforms We Work With

Building High Performance Custom Software Needs To Follow A Robust Process



  • Design to Dev Handoff
  • Establish Milestones
  • Create User Stories
  • Sprint Planning


  • Sprint Execution Begins
  • Test Coverage
  • Quality Assurance
  • Code Review

Sprint Retrospective

  • Review
  • What To Improve
  • Tracking Metrics

2-Week Sprints


  • Training
  • Growth Experiments
  • Product Improvement
  • Launch

"Out Of The Box" Software Solutions Are Hardly Ever A Good Choice

Due to the wide spectrum of requirements these products attempt to cater to, most users end up with slow and clunky technology weighed down with extra features that aren’t needed. Customisation is also virtually impossible and any that can be achieved usually comes with hefty development and support costs.

The Problems Custom Software Development Can Solve


    Far too often we have seen businesses attempt to implement a ready-made "out of the box" software system into their operations to save time and money. They then try to customise it to suit their own particular operational requirements but it rarely works out well.

    A software system that is scoped, proto-typed, built and implemented around your individual needs provides you with far better returns over the longer term. It's yours, it’s tailor-made for your business and gives you a huge competitive point of difference.
    From experience, most organisations' biggest pain point and cost sinkhole is mismatched, messy and unsynchronised data as a result of attempting to maintain multiple databases across different (CRM, ERP, BI, WMS, EDI, AI etc) systems and platforms.

    Custom software built right will fully integrate with all your core business technology systems and constantly maintain a live and seamlessly updated "single source of truth" database that contains all your business data and metrics to make analysis and reporting accurate and easy.
    Most "out of the box" software systems are not designed to allow end-users to customise them very much as that would jeopardise the manufacturer’s intellectual property.

    These systems are instead built to cater to the masses in an effort to give access to optional features, but this software is heavier and bloated unnecessarily with extra code which causes it to run slower and clunkier than a custom software solution would.

    Custom-built for you is just that, it is designed to cater to the specific functions of your business, integrate with your organisational ecosystem and operate at lightning speeds.


    Custom software is designed from the ground up with your organisational needs front and centre which means your team will be working not only faster but also smarter and as one with business intelligence data at their fingertips in real-time.

    From customer relationship management through to product delivery and customer feedback, your operation can be a well-oiled machine when the right information is available to those who need it when they need it and most importantly, up to date and accurate.
    Business is competitive and any advantage you can gain gives you an edge to grow and prosper. Leveraging bespoke technology in your business opens the door to higher efficiencies, increased automation, reduced costs and less disruption.

    Stand and lead as the authority in your area of expertise and industry. Your investment into a proprietary asset such as custom-built software for your company will significantly increase your value both to investors and your customers. Think Domino's, think different.
    Customer experience is a huge topic for businesses and all that really matters in the end. This is what keeps clients coming back and bringing referral business.

    Custom-built software can vastly improve the interaction between you and your customers through online engagement, sales order and shipping portals, satisfaction and feedback surveys and much more.

    Imagine your business where your customer could engage with you completely online from the very first query about a solution to their problem through to leaving a glowing review about their experience in dealing with you.

A Custom Propriety Software Solution Built For Your Business Is Yours For Ever - Your Own Intellectual Property & NO License Fees!

Your ideal solution is fully bespoke software that is custom built specifically for your own business by following a tried, tested and solidly proven process. This solution also means the proprietary software product and intellectual property is owned by you which means there are no license fees ever!

Firstly, we begin seeking a full understanding of your unique business requirements and the objectives that you want to achieve by investing in technology. This information is then taken and turned into a fully working prototype of which your input is taken at milestones throughout.

Once a fully completed and signed off prototype is finalised which both you and our expert team of software engineers are satisfied will achieve the outcomes you need, then we can start the build process.

What Will You Get By Building Your Custom Software
With WEBO Digital?

When looking for someone to partner with to scope, design and develop custom software, remember not all providers are equal. It takes the sharpest minds combined with extensive experience to build software that is genuinely focused on user experience so that it performs up there with the world's best.

ROI Approach

Your software should be designed and built entirely from the ground up, with your ROI being front and centre. Nothing matters more than turning your product into the efficient productivity-driving weapon it has been designed to be!

Integrated Ecosystem

Your custom software should be developed as a significant part of your business ecosystem, integrating into your existing systems such as your CRM and ERP. Seamlessly synchronise data, so you don't have to manually maintain it in multiple places.

Built For The Future

Your new custom software should be completely built by experienced engineers to ensure it is future-proof and built to the highest standards possible.

Superior Performance

Your custom software is built using industry best practices ensuring every component and line of code is developed with optimisation and speed of operation as critical and fundamental components. Slow and clunky software kills adoption rates.

Extensive Training

You are trained in the use of your new custom software by our specialist team on handover so that you can keep your business running and get the most out of your new investment.

Custom Software Integrations? We've Got You Covered!

Integrating your custom software with your business systems can massively increase your business’s efficiency through process automation and synchronisation. WEBO Digital has the experience and passion for creating software integrations that ensure your custom software works seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, Payment Gateways, Logistics Providers and more. The possibilities are endless!
  • All
  • CMSs
  • Communication
  • CRMs
  • eCommerce
  • ERPs
  • Marketing Platforms
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping/Freight

How Much Does A Custom Software Development Project Cost?

The short answer is…it depends. An end-to-end custom software development project can be complex, and it’s essential to do it right from the start.

This is why we start with our “no-ties” Software Blueprint strategy process. This enables us to get on the same page as you and identify goals and desired outcomes. From there, we will get the right strategy in place and outline the full scope of the work required to build custom software that will help grow your business.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, most custom software development projects will range between $30,000 to $250,000 +

Is A Custom Software Development Project With WEBO Digital Right For You?


  • You believe custom software can provide a solution to a problem/s you are currently

  • You are looking for custom software experts to help you develop the best custom software

  • You want custom software developers who build using best practices for reliability and performance


  • You don’t see any value in a detailed planning process for your custom software

  • You don't want to take ownership or responsibility for the success of your custom software

  • You just want your custom software development done for the cheapest possible price

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