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With WordPress now powering well over half of the websites globally, there is no shortage of people that qualify and market themselves as "WordPress Developers" with a lot of them offering to work for ridiculous rates.

Most often it turns out that their experience level is very low and they have only worked with the most basic of WordPress which almost any IT minded person can spend a few hours learning a similar skill set online. They then most often "ghost" you when the going gets tough, which any seasoned developer will tell you … development at some point always gets tough.

With our team of highly experienced WordPress developers, clients have enjoyed great and complex projects undertaken and delivered just as scoped and which now are returning them highly for their investment in our support and experience.

Some Popular WordPress Development Plugins & Tools We Work With

What WordPress Development Services Does WEBO Digital Offer?

You can expect an honest and transparent analysis of your WordPress development requirements with a thorough outline of what needs to be done, how long it will take and cost options. You can either opt for an hourly rate or if you prefer, a fixed price proposal based on the scope of work. Flexible alternatives to best suit your business requirements are made available, always keeping the choice entirely yours.

Custom WordPress Design

A great design is what sets you apart from the rest, and our highly skilled creative team dig the challenge of producing world-class web designs. To see stunning websites delivered for clients that deliver day after day affirms their belief that beautiful design starts with an even better story.

Custom Built Themes

A truly custom built theme is created uniquely for you and your business. It helps you identify as an exclusive premium brand in your market positioning and not just another template website theme that limits online possibilities, runs heavier and which anyone can get access to.

Plug-in Development

To provide a super-powerful website and a feature-rich user experience, we can modify existing plugins or even fully custom build new ones for your WordPress website. Well built plug-ins that meet global coding standards to run smoothly are essential for great functioning websites.

WooCommerce Integration

Need eCommerce functionality on your WordPress website? We can integrate and handle all aspects such as payment gateways, product setup, shipping and inventory management functionality along with many other customisations you may require for your business.

Website Migration

Do you already have a website on a different CMS platform but feel WordPress is a better fit for your business? Our team of experts make migration super easy with us handling the complete transfer efficiently using proven processes to ensure full redundancy and minimum downtime.

Multi-site Support

Do you have multiple WordPress websites you want to manage from one admin website portal? We can help install and set up multi-site functionality so you can do exactly that. You no longer need to worry about multiple different logins when wanting to add new content, update site plugins, etc.

Premium Theme Support

Have a website using an existing theme that you want to customise? If it can be done, our team can do it. Our WordPress specialists have extensive experience in successfully customising premium themes such as Divi or sourced from ThemeForest to help better suit client requirements.

Optimisation & Refactoring

Our skilled team excels at "gap analysis" auditing to identify opportunities in your WordPress installation for improving site load speeds and refactoring code. These optimisation actions are then professionally implemented for vastly improved website performance and user experience.

Rescue & Cyber Security

Is your website safe from being hacked? Or worse has it already been? We can help you recover it and ensure it is secure from being attacked again. It is critical that security features are kept up to date so any vulnerabilities are immediately patched to maintain security and peace of mind.

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Custom Integrations? We've Got You Covered!

Integrating your WordPress website with your business systems can massively increase your business’s efficiency through process automation and synchronization. WEBO Digital has the experience and passion to create software integrations that ensure your WordPress CMS works seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, Payment Gateways, Logistics Providers and more. The possibilities are endless!
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How Much Does WordPress Development Cost?

There are a couple of ways you can choose from regards the cost of WordPress development support.

One is to have our team conduct work on an hourly basis on your project of which you can purchase different packages of hours with discounted rates made available for bigger hour packages.

The other option is to get a fixed price proposal where you know exactly what your project will cost from the beginning.

Is WordPress Development with WEBO Digital right for you?


  • You want experts in WordPress development to conduct the work required on your website project who stand by their work and don’t make excuses.

  • You want a relationship with a reputable and trustworthy WordPress development provider who will deliver quality of work each and every time.

  • You want your project to be built and coded right from the start to ensure the smooth operation and functionality of your website.


  • You are just looking for WordPress development support for the cheapest price possible no matter what.

  • You aren’t concerned that the development work you get done is done to industry coding standards and best practices.

  • You are ok with the possibility of having to spend significant time later debugging your project due to sloppy development behaviour.

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