Start With A Website Blueprint BEFORE Building Your Website To Setup It's Success

You can waste a ton of money on building a website without getting the strategy right first. You wouldn't get your house built without sound plans, so why would you with your most important sales tool? Get the most effective website possible for your business by first starting with a solid strategy created for you with a Website Blueprint.

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Your Website Success Starts With Strategy!

Maybe your website isn't attracting qualified leads, or worse, it isn't getting any conversions at all! The bottom line is, it just isn't performing, and you have no real idea why.

Does this sound like you?

See, often businesses become so familiar with the design and layout of their current website that they can’t see "the forest for trees" and don’t see their website through their target customers eyes.

Our Website Blueprint process involves multiple intensive brainstorming sessions with your team to uncover your buyer persona/s and their real needs. We assess your marketing goals and desired outcomes for your new website, and from there, we plan out your lead generating machine.

Marketing Strategy

“The website blueprint process is a no-brainer. WEBO Digital helped us to think differently so that we built our website for our prospects, not us”


It All Starts With The Website Blueprint


Client Feedback


Strategy & Design

  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping


  • Global Elements
  • Modules
  • Page Templates

Content Input

  • Content Placement
  • Proofreading
  • Optimisation

Project Management


QA & Launch

  • Site Testing
  • Training
  • Site Launch

What Does The Website Blueprint
Process With WEBO Digital Look Like?

You can expect an engaging collaboration effort between our expert team and yours in which deep and thought driven
discussions along with careful planning will playout. Whilst intensive the outcome of this ensures a problem-free and
efficient development phase.

portfolio portfolio

Buyer Persona

This is arguably the single most important part of the entire Website Blueprint process. This is where you get down to the nitty-gritty and have to answer some challenging questions to uncover who you are really building your website for… which is, your ideal buyer.

question question

Burning Questions

What are the most common questions your sales team is asked on the frontline by your customers? The answers are powerful in terms of building trust and conversion when used smartly.

confused confused

Competitor Research

An in-depth study of companies in the same industry as yours to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Learn what's worked and what hasn't from others and do it better.

instructions instructions

User Journey

Deep-diving into your goals for your website, this is where you begin to piece together the way your ideal buyer ticks online and how to best structure your website to provide the most frictionless experience possible to convert. Expect some ‘what-if’ questions here.

sitemap sitemap

Website Sitemap

This part of the process involves looking at each web page required in your website to compliment the ideal ‘buyer journey’ for your prospects and then mapping it all out clearly to show how they all link and function together.

lending lending

Your "Magic Metric"

Here we determine with you the single most important number to drive that will grow your business. Everything on your website should be aligned towards influencing your “Magic Metric”

data data

Scope Of Works

Here is where the details of the website project execution are laid out, enabling you to have a clear understanding of every deliverable that is required from initial design concepts through to after ‘go-live’ warranted support.

strategy strategy

Design Plan

This is where the foundational items related to the design of your website are discussed, reviewed and laid out such as brand style guide, colour palettes, fonts, logo/s and more.

homework homework

Content Plan

A plan for everything required in content for your new website is determined here. Images, copy, videos, lead magnet offers etc. which you already have and what new content is required is set out.

coding coding

Development Plan

This is our recommendations for the technology platforms to utilise for your website build. Depending on what the objectives of your website (eCommerce, CRM integration etc.) are will determine the complexity of this section.

profit profit-white

Potential ROI

You will get a picture of what your new website could potentially return for you based upon competitive insights, potential traffic, conversion rates and your average sales value. This helps you to understand the real value of your new website.

group group-white

Budget & Timeline

Should you choose to engage WEBO Digital for your new website build, this provides you with a firm understanding of the investment amount and timeline to build your new website as per the scope of works provided to get your website created and launched to deliver you qualified leads.


Don't Play Russian Roulette With Your Website

You want your website to be a success right? You want to know that when you ‘go live’ that your website will be not only beautiful and fast but also bring you genuine results to your bottom line. This is exactly what the Website Blueprint process sets up your website’s foundation to deliver.

This process allows you and your team to get fully aligned on the overall strategy of your website including its goals, the layout structure and design outlook before beginning any development. Starting to build without these things squared away…well, anything can happen…and roulette-style too.

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Avoid The Most Critical Mistake Businesses Make That Kills Marketing Success!

Get this detailed step by step guide to understanding and creating your Buyer Persona

Learn From Businesses Like Yours That Are Experiencing
Incredible Results!


"The deciding factor was that they understood our needs. There was no "salesy" perspective and they delivered as promised."


"What we have achieved in 9 months with WEBO Digital, we would have never been able to achieve in the 3 years prior to that."

Grant Wallis DIRECTOR

"With WEBO Digital we know where we're tracking, we have a clear plan and our marketing isn't just flying by the seat of our pants."

How Much Does A Website Blueprint Cost?

The Website Blueprint is a once-off investment of $7,700 inc GST

You come away with a fully inclusive documented plan outlining how to create the best website uniquely crafted for your business of which you can take to your own developer to build if you want to. There is no obligation at all to proceed on to the design and development phase.

But wait … here’s the kicker … because we are so confident in the value our Website Blueprint process delivers we actually deduct the $7,700 from our proposed fee to build your website if you wish to engage us to.

Is a Website blueprint with WEBO Digital right for you?


  • You are an established business with a large-ish website and looking for a complete overhaul and optimisation
  • You are willing to put the time into learning why significant effort must be put into the planning out of your greatest sales tool - your website
  • You and your team are prepared to persist and work through to alignment on why you have a website and how it can best serve your customers


  • Your budget for a full redesign and build of a complete website is less than $15,000

  • You aren’t trying to become the leading authority in your market space and/or significantly scale up sales
  • You are a small business who needs a website simply for digital presence purposes for the cheapest possible price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Website Blueprint?

    A website blueprint is a unique and carefully crafted documented plan which is like an instruction manual on how your website needs to be built to give you and your business the best results online.

    It considers your business and it’s ideal buyers, the user journey and how it is best built and structured to provide the most frictionless conversion path possible to deliver you high quality leads.

  • Who is a Website Blueprint a good fit/not a good fit for?

    If you are a growth-minded established business that is looking for an overhaul of your online presence and understand the importance of planning carefully to yield results and willing to invest for success you are probably a good fit for a website blueprint.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a basic website simply for an online presence, don’t really care about conversion or optimization and want the cheapest possible price then it is likely not a good fit for you.

  • Why do I need a Website Blueprint?

    You need a website blueprint because without it you aren’t going to get a website that has been thought through thoroughly and planned to engage with your ideal buyers which ultimately means you won’t get the high-quality leads you want that convert to real revenue and profits.

    Without a carefully developed plan you will likely also run into launch delays, cost blowouts and having to scramble together enough content for your new website at the last minute.

  • When should I invest in a Website Blueprint?

    If you are at the point of wanting to expand your digital online authority and wanting help to get it done in the right manner which cements you as the market leader in your space and converts leads well, you should really consider the website blueprint product.

  • How do I get started with my own Website Blueprint?

    A website blueprint process usually takes around 4-5 weeks so if you are thinking about building a new website and want to do it right, book a chat here with our experts now to discuss your website project further.

  • How much input will my team and I have in our Website Blueprint?

    We strive to involve you and your team as much as we possibly can in developing out your Website Blueprint. We extract the wealth of knowledge you and your team have in your heads.

    We typically have a number of in-depth meetings over the course of several weeks with clients to complete their Website Blueprint. You can learn more about the process we follow here.

  • How much does a Website Blueprint cost?

    The Website Blueprint is a ‘no-strings attached’ once-off investment of $7,700 inc GST of which there is no obligation to proceed further with the development if you don’t want to.

    We genuinely expect to lose money on this service because of the work that goes into putting it all together but it’s our belief that it truly is the most efficient and satisfactory way when it comes to actually building websites for all parties involved.

    You can learn more about it by clicking here.

  • Are there any catches with your website “Money-Back Guarantee”?

    No not at all!

    If you have gone through our Website Blueprint process, we are confident that we will always deliver exactly what is scoped and planned out.

    If we fail to do so, we have our money-back guarantee in place to protect you.

  • Do we have to do a Website Blueprint before you will build us a website?

    Yes, that is correct. We will not design and develop any websites that have not gone through our Website Blueprint process.

  • What happens if we don’t want to go through your Website Blueprint process?

    We don’t pretend that the process we follow is the only way to get a website built but we do know it is one that has proven to work with great success time and again. Therefore that’s why we don’t design and develop any custom websites that have not first gone through our Website Blueprint process.

    We do this to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible opportunity for their websites to achieve the results they are looking for.

    Our Website Blueprint has been developed from over 10 years of experience in designing and developing websites that get results!

    We also fully acknowledge that the Website Blueprint process isn’t for everyone and that there are certainly siutations where it just isn’t a good fit.


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